About me


My Vietnamese name is Thảo Nguyên. But if you are not a Vietnamese, would be great if you try to pronounce my name but if you find it challenging, I won’t be surprised. So, let just call me Anna. I’m happy with it.

So why Aquarius? It’s my zodiac sign and I love it. But if you are interested in, let read about Aquarius, it almost says about me. I have some key words though:

– Witty
– Clever
– Humanitarian
– Inventive
– Original
– Independent
– Lively

– Stubborn
– Sarcastic
– Rebellious
– Unpredictable

Okay, so let say about my blog.

Since I’m not an expert in anything and I won’t dedicate this blog to any specific topic either as many other bloggers are doing. This blog is about everything in this world coming to my (personal and professional) life, no matter what it is, no matter how it is happening, I’ll write them down here. However, I won’t make my blog so boring and hope you enjoy reading it! 🙂

I am who I am. I’m unique and “like.no.others”.


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