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Yesterday and today, we took the kids to the Museum and Aquarium. I couldn’t describe how happy and excited they were when they went out of their town to the City and saw many interesting things out there. They all shouted out loud when the bus was driving them under the bridge, they were all excited to see the mountains, buildings in the city, the train, the beach, etc.

KIds at the museum

Kids at the museum

Those things that we see everyday seem to be normal to us,but to our kids those things are really big things, something amazing and incredible. It’s like their dreams have come true.

Excited to see the sharks

Excited to see the sharks

On the way back home, many of them were fall asleep after a playful day. It was a magical day for all the kids and I was so happy to see it. It was truly amazing!

Tonight (and also yesterday), we all had a yummy dinner as always thanks to our great woman Faye. The highlights were we shared our thoughts about what we have experienced up so far and how thankful we are to our amazing host Faye and Aslam for what they have done for us. The fact was many of us just burst into tears and couldn’t stop crying. We were all like a family now, with our mommy Faye and daddy Aslam, brothers and sisters. I wouldn’t tell much about my feeling now as I want to save all my feeling until the last day of this amazing trip and write them down all.

Fellows were writing notes to each other before our goodbye which is coming very soon

Fellows were writing notes to each other before our goodbye which is coming very soon

So it’s just it for today. Tomorrow would be our last day at our crèche, with our great teachers, with our little kids. I couldn’t even imagine how it would be to say goodbye to all people I’ve met. It’s hard.