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I’m so sorry for not updating anything in the past 4 days. I was too tired after long days with many activities but so much fun. So I’m going to write some summary of what happening in the past few days.

On day 5, we went to our crèche as our normal schedule. There were 2 little kids who I called “my favorite kids”, one 4-year-old boy and a little 3-year-old girl, they always hugged me every day I visited them. I was so in love with them, more and more.

In the afternoon, we took our kids to the True North Center for the literary session. Unfortunately, there were only 12 kids going for the story time. They were singing out loud and marching on the way to the community center. They were so excited for it.

Rachel did an extremely amazing job telling the story for the kids. They all loved it and enjoyed the time so much. She is simply incredible. After that, we took them to the playground at the center. You must be there to see the happiness in their eyes and smiles and laugh-out-loud.  The playground is far different and bigger than the little so-called playground at their crèche. They only played there for 20mins and were back to their crèche.


We then went out for our first group dinner at Mama Africa in the City. We had the chance to tried different authentic African food and they were so delicious. I had a mixed grill which consisted of crocodile, ostrich, springbok, kudu and venison sausage. Later on, we had some fun time playing with the drums together with the music band. Such a fantastic experience.

On day 6, we hosted the ABC event at the True North. What we did was walking the kids through the little ABC booklet. Every single letter has some illustrations in there and some missing. And for those that missed out, we made some big illustrations for them, e.g. a flower for F, moon for M, or Zebra for Z. We took pictures of them holding those things in their hand and paste them in the booklet, and then they have their own ABC book.

 IMG_0559Before coming back home for dinner, we went to Plastic for African and Pay & Pick to buy all the stuff that we thought could be helpful our crèches that they couldn’t afford to buy them all.

Day 7, we did our first time outdoor activity. In the morning, together with Pearson South Africa staff, True North, local people in the community and teachers of the crèches, we all joined in an 8km-walk fundraising at a nearby beach which is more than beautiful I would say (thanks to the weather and a perfect sky). The teachers were so happy, they were dancing, singing, playing all the way long, seemed like that they didn’t feel tired at all. And it was really amazing to see how the True North team has been doing to raise funds to support Vrygrond community: teacher training, building crèches and schools, and health care, etc.


We then headed off to one of the must-see in Cape Town: Cape Point & Cape of Good Hope. What I could I say? I would use all the best words to describe it: marvelous, incredible, or amazing, or any other words could describe it best. So I put my footprint at the most south-western point of the African Continent. Yayyyyy!


Day 8 was a “drunk-day”. We went to 3 wineries and tasted all different sorts of wines in Stellenbosch. It was not only the wines were great, but also the scenery and landscape, it was extremely beautiful. I wished I could stay there at least for a night. I loved the town so much.

And it was everything we have done in last week. I couldn’t believe that we were here in Cape Town for a week already, time went fast.


And today, day 9, we were back to our normal schedule. Rachel and I brought all the stuff we bought to our crèches and helped to organize and tidy up everything. Our principal and teachers were so happy with all the new things we bought for themselves as well for the kids. In the afternoon, we took other 11 kids to the True North for another literacy session. This time, Shariefa, one of the teachers played the role of a storyteller to her students. It was her first time and although she hated reading (it’s what she said by the way), she did it perfectly and the kids really enjoyed her story.


After taking the kids back to the crèche, we made another trip to one of the 7 World Wonders: Table Mountain. Finally! Hoorayyyy!!!! When I was there, it was just a series of big WOW, WOW & WOW for me !!!!!! I don’t know how to describe how imposing it is. You could only its marvellousness and awesomeness by your own eyes, no words could explain it the best by seeing it in real.


So, it’s all for my summary. More updates are coming. Stay tune! And thanks for reading!