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It kept raining for the whole day but it couldn’t stop our excitement to see our kids again today.

So as yesterday, the kids ran to us and gave us big hugs when they saw us. Today was their pajama party so each us them wore their own pajama. “Where is your pajama, teacher?.It’s the party today.” Oh, I almost forgot it and also, and the fact was I didn’t bring any pajama along to here, so I just told them I didn’t bring them with me, so next time I would join them.

IMG_0507 IMG_0510

There were two other volunteers from another volunteer organization joined us this morning. Today, the kids had more stuff to play with. First they had the balloons and then the bubbles. They enjoyed playing with those stuff so much. They all looked happy and excited.

IMG_0815 IMG_0817

We said goodbye to them while they were watching the movie. In the afternoon, we moved to our renovation site and supposed to do our 2nd coat on the wall. But sadly the wall was so wet due to a whole-day-and-night rain, so unfortunately we couldn’t keep continuing the painting. Alternatively, we painted the front door with 3 different colors we had: red, blue and green. It looks so cool! And hope the wall will get dryer tomorrow so that we could finish our 2nd coat soon.

IMG_0519 IMG_0522

It was a fun day today but I’m quite exhausted now, so today’s blog is quite short but I hope you enjoy reading it.

Thanks and Good night.