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Hi everyone,

It was our second day but unfortunately it rained for the whole day.

Today our group met Mary, the principal of Daylight. She was so nice and friendly. We then moved to the crèche and started our first day with the kids.

The very first seconds when we stepped into the crèche, I almost burst into tears. “Teacher”, “Hello Teacher”, “How are you Teacher?”, “You look beautiful Teacher”, they were all what the kids said when they first saw first in the rooms. They jumped on us, hugged us, smiled at us, held our hands and took us into their classroom and the most touching thing I could see was their happy eyes. They looked so excited and extremely happy to see us when you looked at their eyes.


Since it’s the first day so it was just about get-to-know your kids. Ronel, Rachel and me played with different groups of kids. First thing for me was I played with the two little boys who were playing at the “Educational toys” area with legos, letters, and numbers. Just for a few minutes, then other kids were running to me, sat on my tights, playing with my hair, glasses and even my coat.

Later on Nicole, one the three teachers there, asked the kids to clean up their toys to prepare for a group activity. They all sang out loud “Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up” while putting their toys back to boxes, and they did it perfectly.

IMG_0482 IMG_0480

There were two things that the kids impressed me the most today: first, it was their dancing. They did like pros. They could do hip hop, break dancing, and even Gangnam Style. It was like they were born to be dancers. Amazing!! The other thing was the prayer before the lunch. The little 3-year-old girl, the daughter of Shariefa, one the teachers, was speaking the prayers “Thanks God for our food today” while others were holding their hands together, putting in front of their breast, closing their eyes and together speaking the prayers. It was so touching and inspiring for me.


We left the crèche after the kids had their lunch, listened to a story that Rachel told them (she did an amazing job by the way) and went to sleep. We came back to the True North and had a quick lunch. After that, we joined with another group (Jenna and Wendy) to go to Sunflower for our renovation job. So we would renovate Sunflower’s classroom to give them a new and fresh look. It was so much fun while playing with the painting. A bit exhausting by the end of the day though but we all enjoyed it really much. It was not finished yet and we’ll keep working on it tomorrow.

IMG_0491 IMG_0492 IMG_0497

It was a fantastic day and can’t wait to see the kids again tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and Good night from Cape Town.