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So after two flights with a total of 16 hours long, I’ve finally arrived safe and sound in Cape Town Int’l Airport at 12.30p.m. A little bit tired though. There was a man named Bakaer waited for me and drove me to the house where all the fellows are staying. We called it the Faye’s house.

It was really beautiful on the way he drove me to the house: blue sky, nice weather, a bit chilly which I truly loved, compared to the crazily hot weather in Vietnam at this time.

After 20mins or so, we arrived to the Faye’s house. Faye is the landlord of the house together with her husband, Aslam. They welcomed me with a tight hug and big smile. How warm it was. Oh before that, I was welcomed by 3 dogs, really big ones, but nice.

So Faye took me around the house which for me like a maze! Plenty of nice and cute rooms, fully furnished, a warm kitchen and neat dining table which she already made so much food and delicious cakes. She showed us her only daughter in her beautiful wedding gown, and the three grandchildren.

I picked a room with 2 single bedrooms which was then shared with Allison Jones. We then had dinner together with almost of the fellows (some didn’t come as scheduled due to flights delay) and John and Ronel from Pearson Foundation. Faye and Aslam joined two. I don’t think I would lose any weight at all during my two weeks in Faye’s house since she provided us with so many delicious dishes that I couldn’t eat them all. She is more than amazing.

We all had great time together, got to know each other and had lots of fun. John asked each of us the expectations we want to get as the outcomes of the fellowship. We shared our own thoughts and feeling, some shared with us their stories which were really touching and moving. However I thought after all, we all had the same expectation that we want to do something meaningful to give back to the community, both here in Cape Town and our own ones, and to show to the underprivileged children that they are all cared, loved and respected by everyone around them.

John and Ronel also shared with us some helpful advice how deal and work with the local children here and how we can make good use of our time with them. Faye told us some insights in the area so that all of us could have some better understanding of where and who we are working. They were all really useful for us.

So, it’s everything for me today and time for a good sleep. Our amazing journey will officially kick off tomorrow and I’m totally ready for it.

Have a good night from Cape Town.