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It is a shame that I couldn’t make my words that I’ll blog at least one a week. But when reading my last blog in early January, I thought somewhat my words have come true, that more trips would be coming along the year. Yes, it has happened.

So just right after the holiday in Thailand with my loved ones in January, I had a company training in Singapore in February. Then in early March, a great chance came for me to attend a company event in Bali. It was a bit shame though that I didn’t have time to enjoy and explore Bali, to see how beautiful it was as everyone said. I think I’ll come back there again, not for work, but a real vacation.

Could you guess where I’m traveling to in April? It’s Cape Town, South Africa. Yes, I couldn’t even imagine that one day I would travel to Africa at all. I had to say thank you to my company, actually it’s Pearson Foundation, for bringing me an incredible opportunity to be here and do something meaningful to give back to the community.

It is the Global Assist Fellowship run by Pearson Foundation. The Pearson Foundation Global Assist Fellowship is an employee engagement program designed to connect Pearson people directly to the work of the Foundation. The project gives each employee the chance to work hand-in-hand with local community about their literacy, learning, teaching, children development. Together they will be able to make differences in local communities around the world. The first program launched last year and this is its second year.

This year, the committee has chosen 12 Pearson employees in different regions around the world to join and help them with the community development in small village outskirts of Cape Town called Vrygrond. And yes, I couldn’t say how lucky and honored I was to be selected for this meaningful program. The fellowship will take place from 14 – 26 April.

Vrygrond is a socially and economically deprived community of some 10,000 men, women and children, situated near Muizenberg in Cape Town. There are about 17 home-based crèches are required with immediate assistance. These crèches currently have approximately 900 children in their care, many of whom could be classed as “high risk” due to extreme poverty, disease and deprivation which threaten their academic, social, emotional and spiritual development.


The team will work closely with a partner of Pearson Foundation called the True North, an South-African non profit with its mission to help the children in South Africa realize their potentials through education in their early age.

More information about the True North and its projects, please go to http://www.true-north.co.za/projects/little-to-much/
and http://pearsonfoundation.org/globalassistchallenge/#anchor2

During the two-week fellowship in Cape Town, all of us will be divided into different groups with assignments and work at various crèches. Most of the time, we will be working and playing with the children at these crèches, providing them with very basic literacy and life skills. Beside that, all fellows will be involved in renovation projects in the community.

There are also many side-activities during that two weeks:

– Pearson South Africa (PSA) Vrygrond community walk fundraising on 20 April. Its mission is to raise funds for the support of 24 preschools to make difference in the lives of the children in Vrygrond.

– Book Event and Field trips to Aquarium, Museum/Beach Day with the kids.

– Visit Pearson South Africa office for meet and greet all Pearson people there.

– Interestingly, we will have 1 day off to visit the most wonderful tourist spot in Cape Town – Table Mountain and also some wine-lands.

It’s the basic information I have for now. Definitely, there will be even more. Everything now is just my imagination and through what I have heard from last year fellows. I can’t wait to have a real experience on it, to see it, work on it and feel it so that I would have more things to share with you all.

I’ll try my best to keep blogging and updating my journey. More stories and photos will come.

Finally, thanks for reading.