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So, my very first gateway trip in 2013 is today. And the destination is Bangkok, Thailand.

Well, it’s not my first time in BKK actually, it’s the fourth. But it will be something totally different from the first 3 trips, I promise.

My first time in BKK (and also my first time to travel abroad) was in January 2005 with my mom on a tour. The 2nd trip was 7 years later, in May 2012 with my company. It was an extensive training week, so I didn’t have much time to explore. And the latest one was 2 months later. It was also another tour group, but what special was it was my honeymoon holiday with my husband. It was too busy for us to arrange a backpack trip, so the best way was to book a tour. We then promised to come back here again, and of course, it’s definitely a backpack one.

307643_10151353783405660_983151154_nAnd so, today we made it. We will spend 3 days there to explore BKK, to enjoy the shopping (yes, it’s our top goal), the food, the culture and the people there.

Lots of fun are waiting for us. Can’t wait!

So, I kicked of my new year by a trip. Hope more trips are coming throughout the year. Haha.