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I accidentally found Josh Stewart yesterday while I was trying to build a personal profile on about.me.

The first thing that really impressed me while looking at his profile is his background photo, himself and his son, Jude. It says lots of things. I can’t say exactly what they are, just my feeling. I can see love, a love from a young father to his little boy, “the coolest thing ever happened”. I can feel something very gentle, mind and sweet. I spent quite a few minutes to look at this photo and couldn’t almost take my eyes off it.AlbumCover

I then clicked on his page, named for his latest album: Songs for Jude. Listening to his song “A kiss for your head” while reading through the lyrics. That was so touching. I like the song so much, every single words of it and of course his super clean and clear guitar.

I do enjoy listening to his music a lot!


So finally, I’m back! After so many delays, it’s time to clean up and have something new for my blog. Keep writing!